question on my humminbird?

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Jun 3, 2000
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I have two wide portraits, one on the front deck and one at the drivers consel. When running both units, while fishing, the consel unit shuts off some times. I checked the battries and the conections and every thing is snug and tight. Maybe its the batteries? Well just though I'd Check to see if anyone has had the same problem. Good fishing to you all. Chris
Chris,it's possible that the two units are causing interference with each other. If the cone from the two transducers overlaps at all,(Should only be a problem in water 20' or deeper)the two units will interfere with each other since both transducers operate on the same frequency. shouldn't be a problem with the batteries, since only one is shutting off and you didn't mention any problems with starting your motor. Might give Humminbird's tech's a shout. You can email them from thier website.
Godd Luck,
Todd C.
Your Humminbird has an over-voltage protection circut which turns the unit off if the input voltage exceeds 15-16 volts or so. Sometimes the engine alternator can surge more than 16 volts when running at high RPM or when starting it up.

Also check the cable or wire connections. I like to use a little dielectrode grease on every electrical contact including the fuses.

And like Todd mentioned, give Humminbird's tech's a shout if you can't correct this problem.

good luck

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