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Nitro Sonar Install Questions

Thread in 'Marine Electronics' started by bnt55, Jun 21, 2016.

  1. bnt55

    bnt55 New Member

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    Jun 21, 2016
    Cincinnati Ohio
    Just bought a 2005 Nitro NX 882 and it has the crappy factory installed lowrance unit at console and nothing up at bow. First question: I removed front bow panel to see what kind of wiring I have to deal with in order to install a new fish finder and I noticed there is a 4 pin connector unused inside the wiring bundle? Is this for installing power to a fishfinder?

    Question #2: The boat has a thru hull transducer in bilge area for a lowrance, can I use this in any newer sonar units? I was thinking about getting a decent GPS/Sonar combo and I realize I will need to install a transom mounted transducer for DI/SI but maybe I could use the thru hull puck for depth while on plane? not sure if this is possible or not.

    Thanks for any help, this is my first "real" bassboat, all my other boats were old utility jons.


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