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Sisco Sisk

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Sep 6, 2000
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Who says Nitro Owners aren't good people? This Nitro owner towed 2 very new female boaters 10 miles to the landing Sunday afternoon because their motor wouldn't trim down. I even backed their trailer in after she had made a couple unsuccessful attempts at a busy landing. Fortunately I have never needed a tow and hope I never do but I hope someone would return the favor if I'm ever caught in that sitution. Just curious what would create this situation. Would the lack of hydrolic fluid force a motor to be able to trim up and not back down? And if so, Does anyone keep fluid handy just in case?
Oh, by the way.. I was through fishing for the day. I had been sight fishing for large mouth and caught & released 2 fish between 3 & 4 lbs.
I would suspect the power trim solenoid went out, I had that happen to me on my last boat made for a funn trip back to the dock. When I got back I had to get in the water and do the manual lift of the ole Mariner was not fun, but I had no choice if i wanted to get it back on the trailer.

And kudo's to you for helping out!!!

Rob,.....that was a very thoughtful thing to do,....you are the MAN!!....and Mark is correct,..more than likely it's a trim selenoid and not a lack of fluid,......it happens!! It's a major PIA but an easy fix. Luckily for them you were around and willing to help them....imagine if it was storming and/or very rough....they would've been freakin'!!!
Kudo's to you.!!
Two things.....first, Bob, are you sayin they were 10's on a scale of 1-100 or
1-10 ?? LOL

Ok.. on this trim problem, where is this solenoid located at and about
how hard is it to replace and how much are they? Ive got a 2000 40hp Merc
and if it happens Id like to have a spair on hand. Would it be wise to do so??

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