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Terry Drugg

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Mar 6, 2000
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I could not find a recent fishing report on this Missouri lake. I am headed there next Tuesday can anyone give me some insight in to current fishing and conditions. I have never been there before so any information would be very helpful. Especially if you have some secret locations or baits to use.
That is a very excellent lake. It has smaller fish with a length limit of 13 inches, but there are tons of them. In the past, I've had a lot of luck in Lighthouse Marina right near the damn using rubber worms or jigs. Also, if you know where Lazy E cove is there is a bank just up from there that is good with rubber worms.

While we're talking about Lake Pomme de Terre. The club I belong to, The Bolivar Bass Club, is hosting an open tournament on September 22nd. It's a benefit tournament to raise money for the Bolivar hospital's hospice program. I believe entry fee is $60 and it is a buddy bass tournament. The launch area being used is Lightfoot Launch. If you'd like more information, please Email me at [email protected] and I can redirect you to a site where you can get ALL the information on it or give you the information you need.

Thanks Mike

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