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Mike Watson

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Mar 1, 2000
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Well everyone, I have it and it's a dandy. Picked up my new Pro-Deep V16 last Friday. The dealer had upgraded everything that I asked for. I spent the rest of the weekend rigging it. The bow fishfinder is on, the rod holders are on, the battery charger is in, the coat of wax is on everthing, fresh silicone around certain fittings just in case. From all of the crawling around I did on this boat, it seems to be built really heavy duty. The only thing left is the water test and hopefully that will be next weekend.

Message for John K., I have the 24volt system on my boat. I put a Guest 3bank charger back with the batteries. It is a very tight fit but it can be done with some modifications.

Ok guys, no laughing....but I would like to know what part of an aluminum boat do you wax?
Oh almost forgot....Mike Congrats on the new boat!!
I wax the whole exterior using a good automotive wax. It keeps it looking sharp and it makes it easy to get off the bathtub ring you get from stained water. I also wax the entire trailor. It keeps them looking better longer.

Congratulations Mike, I'm starting to feel like I'm the only one still waiting for my boat (TV-18). I read your profile and I agree that a good fishing boat can do wonders for a father/son relationship. That's one of the major reasons I bought my boat as well. I love the old "Hooked on fishing not on drugs" add campains a few years back.

Do you wax your Dodge Trucks? I would imagine you'd wax a painted metal boat for the same reasons. Have you been in the Mack yet this year? I live near Nashua so I'll be spending a lot of time on the river this summer. Maybe I'll see you out there :eek:)

Tight lines everyone,

Hey Mike, Great minds think alike!

We seem to be on the exact same schedule here. I just picked mine up last Friday as well. They installed the bimini top that I asked and it looks good. Now, I have a million question for you...ok, maybe not a million but a bunch anyways.

On the battery charger I had a couple of questions and concerns (remember, I'm brand new at this). First, I'm not 100% sure if this boat is 12/24 volt rigged or not (I didn't specifically order it that way). Does this just mean I'm using 2 deep cycle batts and 1 Crank batt or 2 Crank Batts and 1 deep cycle batt? I just have the standard factory rigging here with 1 deep and 1 crank.

My reason for asking is, I just picked up a Guest Pro 2 bank charger (from Academy sports) for $99.00 but if this boat is capable/pre-wired of going to 24 volt, then I'd like to swap my 2 bank for a 3 bank.

Regardless of 12/24 setup, I looked into the battery compartment on where to mount the charger and your absolutely right, it looks real snug. Where did you mount your?

It's sounds like you have yours rigged exactly the way I would like mine rigged (pole holders, extra electronics, etc.). Are you going to have some pics up soon? I'd love to see your setup.

Finally, you mentioned silicon around fittings and wax. Is this something I should be doing? If so, where do I silicon (what type also) and what type of wax do I use?

Thanks in advance..

John K.
Forgot to say, "Congratulations" on your new boat Mike.

Good fishing and God bless.

me again.
John K., Whoa, what a list. I will answer your questions as best as I can and yes I hope to have pictures soon. Maybe I will take the digital camera from work home and get some sooner.

Anway, your boat should be wired for a 12/24 volt system. Since you didn't ask for the 24volt they only wired you up for the 12 volt half. A 24 volt system has two deep cycle trolling batteries and one cranking battery. You may only have the 12volt trolling motor. Check the side of the foot pedal and see if the switch gives you the choice of 12 or 24volt. I think someone earlier recommended going with a battery charger that could do 24 volts even if you only have 12. That is good advice. The charger that I am using was on my last boat (12 volt) but was capable of 24 volt. Was able to just put it in the new one. I am running the Guest 2613 (I think that is the number). They make larger ones but I don't know where you would put it as mine is a very tight fit. If you think yours is crowded with two batteries, wait until you get three batteries back there. I had to tip my charger on end and drill two more mounting holes into it. I mounted it to the back panel in the battery compartment. Make sure there isn't any fuel hoses in the way first.

As far as silicone, the reason I do that is because on my last boat, the only leaks I ever had were hose clamps and not properly sealed fittings. Remember these boats are still assembled by people and mistakes happen. I just go around and make sure all the fittings are tight and apply extra sealant. The silicone needs to be capable of going under water. 3M makes some.

As far as wax goes, I use McGuiers automotive wax. Great stuff.

This is for CC, I don't think you have to wax galvanised trailors. Mine is painted so I live to wax.

Have fun,

Mike,...I've got 2 trucks and aboat that need it waxing too.........you doing anything this weekend??? I'll take you fishing!!!..LOL...just wonderin'!!..
Thanks for the info, now I can add the boat to the honey do list. But, the trucks & boat will have to wait a few more days for a coat of wax, I am going fishing this week one way or another.

Cass :)

Boy Mac, it's hard to turn down such a great invitation but I think I'm busy. Yeah that's it, I'm busy....cleaning my toe nails....no, waxing my own truck. It's a Chevy too man! On second thought, I think I will go try my boat out.

By now!
Ouch! You're killin me Mac! By the way, did you go after any of those Walleyes on the Detroit River. If so, how did ya do?

I didn't end up on the river,...went to St.Clair with a buddy. The GM from the store needed to borrow my boat, so I let him use it. We had a blast despite scattered showers and wind,......won't be long and they'll be jumping in the boat!!..ahahaha.......got a few though...nothing HUGE!!! Yet!!

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