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Buzz Bouvier

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Feb 22, 2001
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Wee i weny fishing yesterday and made the mistake of not raising my motor while trolling, I manage to bury myself in some mud. When i got myself out and started the motor I didn't get any water out the pee hole. It was woring fine up to then. I shut the motor off and manage to get to the boat ramp with the trolling motor. Loaded the boat and will be taking the boat to be checked out. My question is could I blow air down the pee hole to see if any mud is lodged in the cooling system withou hurtin anything. The motor is a Merc 200 EFI.. Thanks.....
Be carefull not to rupture the rubber hose with the coat hanger. If you want to blow air, don't exceed about 100 psi or so... should be fine...

2 cents, Eric...