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Jul 11, 2020
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Austin, TX
Greetings fellow officianados,
I run a 2001 savage 896DC with a 200 xr6 on it. Absolutely love the boat…
helping my son fix up a 1998 champion foxfire that he just bought I found the need to take it out on the lake and run it. It has a 200 Yamaha with a whale tail on it. I did not realize how bad my hole shot was and how far I was driving blind before I got up on plane. both boats have similar size motor and about the same length.
I am strongly considering adding the whale tail and wanted to see if anyon has any new input. I am aware I may loose some top end speed and am fine with that “boats almost too fast for my skill set as it is”.
Has anyone with a similar size boat and motor made this mod and what tail would you recommend?
attached is the one I’m considering.
Thanks in advance
Hook em
I have never ran one. But i have heard horror stories of broken cavitaion plates. My boat will jump on plane so it has never been a concern.
Could your prop have too much pitch? Also I have heard a four blade helps get on plane faster but you will lose some top end.
I hope you get some better insight from someone who has some experience with a whale tail.
Thanks, I think I’m gonna give it a try. I have a ss 24 pitch prop and my boat will run in the 60’s but I seldom run that fast so I really don’t care so much about top end. Just getting on plane faster is my main goal. I have no jackplate so I think it might be my solution.