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Rich Stern

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Feb 26, 2000
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Went out early yesterday, fished all day. Jeanne joined me halfway through the day. Final score: Jeanne 3 bass, Rich 2, with big bass (2.5) going to Jeanne.

Where did I put the phone number for that psychotherapist?

Seriously, we had fun, but I continued to refine my observations about when I go out fishing without enough sleep. Previously, I had observed that when I don't get enough sleep before an outing, I have trouble tying knots, I stick myself with hooks more, have more backlashes, and generally tend to be clumsier. Yesterday (fishing on four hours sleep), I observed that I simply didn't have as much patience for a slow bite. Jeanne was highly motivated and had her worm in the water and in the right places far more than me, and I think that's why she outfished me.

In the past, I figured that I didn't need much sleep before a fishing day. After all, it's a day off, right? Wrong! More enjoyable when I have slept enough because I probably catch more fish.

How about you guys? Any guidelines you force on yourself for sleep before an outing or a tournament?
It's hard to turn off the excitement meter that is running full tilt in your brain. You lay there thinking about the next day, going over everything in your head from the minute you wake up to the first fish you hook and boat, you do this over and over again until exhaustion sets in and you pass out and finally get some sleep.

I have found that after going through all of that I started reading and that has helped me focus on something else and then I can get right to sleep and not be so darn tired the next day.

Rich - O.K., first I'm NOT letting Beka and Jeanne get togther, don't want to get out fished LOL

Maybe it's my emence wieght, but I don't do anything well with out a good nights sleep. That said i've been known to be soo excited before a morning trip to not sleep as well and get up early too. I have found the same things as you, though for me it's usually a few hours into the trip when the adrellalin wears off (especially on a tough day) and I get lazy!

Now if I fished like my father in-law likes to (hook, split shot, bobber and a worm) then sleep is not much of an issue!

So now I know before we go out again, if I want to beat you to have my fax machine call your house every 2 hours the night before!

I guess it all depends on the level of fishing you want to accomplish and whether or not you want to get out fished again, should determine the amount of sleep you should get. CC is right. Need to take your mind off it the night before. Reading is good or just a bunch of physical activity the day before you go out, like cleaning the house, laundry, ironing, scrubbing floors, washing windows, ......
Barb, CC, I didn't make myself clear. I fell asleep quickly. I just went to bed late too late. Like a lot of folks, the demands of modern, everyday life are sometimes satisfied by hours I borrow from what should be sleep time. :)

Ok, the blonde moment is over now. I have a solution for you, just add a few more hours to the day and you will be all set or leave the competition home so that you will come out on top for sure. :)

Oh, I'm sorry Rich. So you were cleaning, scrubbing and you didn't get to bed till late. Add 12 more hours to your day and you should be good to go!! :eek:)
Next time you and I have the opportunity to fish together, Rich....... Guess I'll jest have ta learn ya ta fish fer cats!

Ya know...... Jest pack some ol' stinky bait on a treble hook...... Or a fat ol' goldfishy or bluegill on a 5/0......... Then ya sits back in the seat or falls asleep on the deck jest a waitin' fer the bite! If yer lucky - ya won't git none! But you'll git plenty of good shut-eye!

HOWEVER...... If you decide to listen to Barb....... My place could sure use your attention!


P.S. Go, Jeannie! Go, Girl!!
P.P.S. My ex-wife used to outfish me all the time, too...

It's OK, it happens to a lot of guys.....LOL

Between Jill (wife), Brandyn (7) and Devyn (3) I'll be lucky to even pick up a rod.. If it's just Brandyn and I, I'll usually catch the most fish but you can bank on the fact that Bran will pull in the biggest.

If I don't get a lot of sleep this fishing season, it's YOUR fault. I spend most of my time on this page from 10 to midnight after the family has gone to bed...lol

Sleep is something that is very hard to come by before a tournament. I ave always beleived what my high school football coach preached to us about sleep....it is not the night before, it is the night before the night before. I adhere to that to this day.

On average I fish about 28 tournaments a year in Michigan and rarely do I get more than 5 hours the night before....most weekends I will get about 8 hours total on Friday and Saturday nights combined. But I sleep real well on Thursday nights and of course on Sunday nights.....


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