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Dave Tully

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Jul 15, 2001
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A couple of weeks ago my speedo quick working. I put up a post and rec'd some replies to drill out the notch on

the front end of the engine directly in front of the prop. Sure enough, there was some wood in there. Finished cleaned it out with a straightened out hook (another tip) but my speedo still doesn't work.

Any more ideas short of taking it in for repairs?

Dave in Misery! (Missouri)
If you have a source of compressed air, try disconnecting the hose at the speedometer and blowing air back out the line. If you don't have compressed air maybe you could use a small pump or rubber squeeze bulb of some type.

I use a bicycle pump for clearing both my

speedometer and water pressure gage. Just

pump hard enough to get needle deflection,

as you don't want to blow out the diaphrams.

The hoses will screw right in to the pump

fitting, well mine do anyway. said Huck