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17 Foot Nitro New Behavior, Leans Hard To The Left.

Thread in 'Nitro & Tracker Owners' started by Chuckster, Jun 27, 2018.

  1. Chuckster

    Chuckster New Member

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    Jun 27, 2018
    Hi All, I have owned my Nitro 17 SC for 13 years and I know it very well. I know how it trims, how much and when and I have never had any lean on my boat at full speed. Of course the standard lean out of the hole until the bow sits but this is normal, expected and counteracted by me at the trim. The last run of the year for me was late September and I hit a rock that normally would not have been an issue but for the low level of the lake this past fall. The Skeg and skeg only bent, curved to the right little bit more than slightly. Driving back to the ramp even with the nicks and bent shape of the skeg the boat got up on plane and really appeared to have little effect on the tracking at all (no leaning) and maybe a slight effect on turning, right easier then left. This made sense to me. I left the lake and drove to my boat shop and left it to be winterized. We discussed the skeg and they informed me they do this work a lot, so I had them winterize and remove the lower until the spring when I could return and have the repaired lower until reattached.

    Here is the issue. Initially I noticed the steering wheel was off center. The boat seemed good all normal but the steering wheel was turned to the left noticeably to have a normal straight track.
    Had it not been for my "obsessiveness :) " Maybe all would be well, but the spokes of the steering wheel were not aligned as then should and used to be.

    I noticed the trim "fin" adjustment just behind the prop was dead straight on. I have never messed with this ever with my boat but I know what it is for (I think) and I know it was never straight before. Always had a slight turn to effect a turn (were it a rudder) to the right.

    So I know this was something new. I began to wonder if they had replaced the whole lower unit as they said they would either straighten the skeg, re weld a new skeg, or replace the lower unit, all for the same price (about $350.00 I think it was) I figured they know what they are doing, better them than me, and was kinda upset over the whole rock thing so was happy to just know it would be fixed correctly.

    Here I go now, I moved this trim (to the right) the direction I know it used to be in but not knowing how far to move it I moved it maybe 2 clicks? Took the boat out and the steering wheel was more aligned but still not centered (spokes) I didn't take too much note of any leaning. Next trip out I figured the steering wheel was moving the correct direction so I moved the trim all the way to the right. I noticed that there are not too many steps/clicks in the entire movement and it only moved to the right, not left at all. Possibly 4 to 6 clicks total.

    Now I get it up on plane and it leans to the left at full speed. OK maybe I went too far, I moved it back one click towards center on the trim fin. Testing yesterday, still leaning to the left, still fairly hard too. What has bothered me all along is that this fin since the repair seems new? Maybe not the old one? I am trying to find an old picture taken prior to compare. Also it was dead straight and I know that was not as it was when I dropped it off for repair.

    I was told they re welded a new skeg on. The lower unit was re painted black and matches the upper engine far as I can tell. Of course when they welded they would have to repaint to make it complete. If this was the same lower unit, the fin would not have been straight. Maybe they removed the fin when they welded? then put it back on? Maybe its a new fin?

    I will have to call and ask, double check the paperwork. I think I am on the right track here but cant understand why it was repaired and returned and left that fin dead straight back.

    Maybe I don't understand exactly what this fin is meant or or how to adjust it. I have read some posts they indicate this fin would cause the boat to lean. Any suggestions ? :)

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