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Nov 9, 2022
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Just wonder?
Has anyone received the new Tracker/Nitro Owners Decal?
Thank you.

Hello fellow Supporting Members.
Anyone receive the new Decals?
Your silence and that of the person promoting them
unfortunately confirms my thoughts on these.
Please advise.
Thank you.
Hi Springfield.
I see that yours was held up since the person mailing them had a family emergency and is about a week or so behind.
I'll grab yours and get it mailed out today.
That is the only Nitro address I saw on her that has not mailed.

I am very sorry for the delay.
And if anyone else has a question like this or other subject I need to address, I'll see it quicker in the Support & Announcement forum.
Or a private message. I don't want to ignore any help needed.
Nope have not received one.
I just searched my private messages for your name with either decal or address in it..
If you have sent a PM with your address, can you give me your zip code so I can search?
And if you have not given me a PO Box or Street address, please send it to me via Private Message.
I did get one more address after the above post. I have mailed out to all the addresses I have received. You should receive a couple of the decals and have not private messaged me your address, please do so.