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Brian Feist

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Mar 1, 2000
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The new BPS in Hanover Maryland opens next Thursday. I got a flyer in the mail today with opening specials info etc... I plan on making the three hour trip for the "opening day". Anyone else plan on going? This will be the 4th BPS that I've been to. While the satellite stores are nice, they are nnothing like the "mother ship" in Springfield. I still plan on making the 14 hour trip from PA to Springfield in the Spring...
Brian -

When you got to Springfield......... Plan on stopping for lunch at the Marshfield exit - about 20 miles east of Springfield on I-44........

When Rich and I went down there in April, we decided to get off there for lunch and pulled into a little BBQ spot on the north side of the highway on the outter road......

Oh, Man! Did we eat well! Buffet style BBQ! I think it was $6.95 each. Ribs! Sausage! Smashed taters! Gravy! And every bite was Dee-Lish-A-Ma-Fantastic! Good thing John Foster was coming in from the north - we NEVER woulda gotten him outta there!

Is it politically correct to recommend that you go there and "Pig Out"?



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