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Barb Baggott

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Mar 27, 2001
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Hello everyone,
Need to know what I can use on my boat after it was cleaned to the max by my brother. I need to protect it and something to help slide it off the trailer again. Right now, I'm slamming my brakes to throw the boat off the trailer and sometimes that doesn't work either. Any reply is greatly appreciated!
Thanks all,
Barb...I don't kow what type of boat you have but I have a Targa 18 aluminum deep V. I use 3M Scotchgard on my trailer bunks to assist with loading and unloading. However, I leave my winch strap hooked until the boat is floating loose. "Cookie"
Barb,...I wouldn't worry too much about the hull,.....what ever your brother did will eventually wear off under normal use and it'll eventually slide on and off the trailer much easier, the mean time though, can try spraying the trailer bunks very liberally with silicone spray or WD40,....unload the boat and after you park the trailer, really spray those bunks gooooood!!! You might even be able to rub them down really good with parafin wax (do it before you load the boat back on...while the bunks are dry and sun-baked) and that should help.
Good luck and let us know what works,...but i think wax or silicone spray will do the trick!! Good luck
Thank you one and all for the info. I'll go get a can of that silicon spray and put it in the boat for next weekend so I don't forget to bring it with me. I'll let you know how it works. Can I use that spray on the bottom of the boat?
Thanks again,