Need Help my motor does too lol

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Ron Chapman

Apr 10, 2001
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I have a 1999 120horse Force by Merc Just Put in new plugs hoping to solve this problem it changed nothing.

The problem is the motor bogs and dies when i am sittin at a dead idle in gear on the trailer and then try to punch it to push myself on up onto the trailer. If I play with the choke and get the RPM's up a bit I can get it to go on up. I am sure there has to be more to a tune up then changing the plugs but i have no owners manual. I was going to just turn up the idle but a sticker says when doing this i must also adjust the throttle cable? any help appreciated guys.

Rip some lips....Ron
Ron, does this problem only occur when you are loading. If so, it sounds like your exhaust ports are going under water as the bow goes up onto the trailer and the back pressure is causing your engine to stall. Trim her out a little more and see if it solves the problem.
Good luck. Frank
Has your boat been sitting around all winter and this is your first trip? Mine did the same thing and the carbs needed cleaning. Dealer cleaned em up and she runs fine. Could be the problem if this is your first time out in a while. Hope this helps some.