Need advice for big water.

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Bill P

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Feb 19, 2001
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I'm fishing a club tournament at lake champlain, in Aug, and I need advice on what to expect,and how to handle it. I've had my boat in 1 -2 ft swells, and it was pretty good. I have a 19 ft Nitro,with a 150. We're launching out of Hero VT, at Apple tree resort, any good spots in that area? All comments welcome, Thanks.

Just be careful in a south wind. With a 19 footer, you should be OK. Hide behind the islands. I have guided on Champlain for some time and use and 18 footer. I do alright, but the bigger the better. You can experience 6-7 whitecaps up here. I only hope your club would postpone in such a case. All of the islands are good. I usually suggest going for an early limit of smallies and then go hog hunting for largemouth after that. Other than spring smallies rarely (but not never) win on Champlain. It will take around 17 - 18 lbs to win would be my guess. good luck, let me know how you do.


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