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Jim Lively

Mar 3, 2000
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Well, guys, the old Nitro is officially sold. A fellow is coming from Texas to pick it up next week. I have one more tournament to fish out of it next weekend and then that will be it.

It looks like I'll be fishing out of a Stratos 20SS for a while.

I'll still be around and checking this board periodically. I will still be more than happy to help Nitro owners any way I can. If anyone needs me quickly, I can be reached at [email protected] or on the Stratos board.


Jim Lively
Dalton Marine
Good luck Jim in the new ride I hope you do stick around.I enjoy reading your advice to other anglers. Tight lines
Jim -

Just remember one thing.......

Overtures by Auber ROCK!!

Man, you are great! Please don't dissapear from this board and go over to the Stratos owners - we had you first!

And heck, Jim, we got 'Toon and Ranger and ChampioN owners here....... Once the neighborhood is that far in the pits - what the heck harm can one Stratos Owner do? :^)

Two Thumbs Up, Mr. Lively!