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Brian Ferris

Mar 19, 2001
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I used to have a X-70a on the console and then I have a lil humminbird up front. I am going to swap the two. What should I use to mount the new transducer in the hull. Also, for the unit up front is it better to put the transducer on the bottom of the trolling motor or in the hull also. I have seen a number of guys that don't have a transducer on their trolling motor!?!?! Where is it then? Thanks in advance, Brian
I always recommend mounting to the trolling motor itself for a more accurate reading (not shooting through fiberglass).

As far as the 'Bird mounting on the transom you can purchase the proper transducer and follow the manufacturers instructions for a transom mount.

There are other options for you if you want to utilize the same unit in both locations. You could either:

1. Get a new power cord and trolling motor transducer for the x70 and mount them at the bow. Then you have to physically move the unit from the console to the bow when you are ready to fish. There are numerous mounts available that have a "quick" disconnect feature, i.e. Johnny Ray, RAM...etc, that will make it easier to move without messing with the knobs.

2. You could get a new power cord for the bow and a transducer switch. With this set up you will be using your the unit on the front and the existing transducer on the transom. Drawback is you will be 17 feet "infront" of what you are seeing on the screen.

3. You can mount a "shoot thru" installation in the bow of the boat providing you have access to it. This can be tricky to do properly....

My suggestion? Buy a new or a used Lowrance unit to place on the bow. You can find some deals on the net.....

Is your x70 on the bow now?

Again, I recommend that you transom mount the 'Bird's transducer. It will lork MUCH better. If you MUST shoot thru, then I recommend any good 2 part epoxy. There is a lot of good reading on that subject on the net.

I got this from the Lowrance website:

Shoot-thru-hull transducers are epoxied directly to the inside of fiberglass boat hulls. The sound is transmitted and received through the hull of the boat - but at the cost of some loss of sonar performance. (You won't be able to "see" as deep with a shoot-thru-hull transducer as one that's mounted on the transom.) The hull has to be made of solid fiberglass. Don't attempt to shoot through aluminum, wood, or steel hulls. Sound can't pass through air, so if there's any wood, metal, or foam reinforcement, it must be removed from the inside of the hull before installing the transducer. Another disadvantage of the shoot-thru-hull transducer is it can't be adjusted for the best fish arches. Although there are disadvantages to a shoot-thru-hull transducer, the advantages are considerable. One, it can't be knocked off by a stump or rock since it's protected inside the hull. Two, since there is nothing protruding into the water flow, it generally works quite well at high speed if it is mounted where a clean laminar flow of water passes over the hull. Three, it can't be fouled by marine growth.

I recommend anyone to look at this link:


Cool, thanks. I would like to keep the back of the boat clean so I think I will go ahead and put it inside the boat. There is a lil place in the hull that is made for it.