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Billy Mac

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May 21, 2001
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I have a 2000 NX882 that I just purchased in Febuary. It has a 2000 Merc 150 EFI. The first tank of fuel that I ran through this motor, it was suggested to me that I should double oil the motor. So I did, left oil reservoir full and used normal oil ratio in my gas tank. This week I finally ran out of the double oil gas, and finally got to run my first tank of just straight gas and full tank of oil in the reservoir, normal operation after my break in period. The last 4 times I have been out with the new gas my motor has died on my while WOT. I thought it may be the bulb not pumped up good, but the motor itself is not ideling well, and the bulb is tight. What gives??????
Have you changed or cleaned the spark plugs since you ran the double oil?
Yes, I removed the plugs and cleaned them after the first tank. The plugs showed signs of oil, and there was oil around the hole where the plugs screw into the head. I cleaned and replaced them but still am having prooblems. Is there an in-line fuel filter on this motor? I have found a screw on filter on the motor but I assumed it was a oil filter.
Billy Mac, After the spark plugs I'm in over my head other than the fuel bulb being bad. Mine done the same thing except it was in the mid range RPM's and come to find out it was the fuel bulb. I'm sure you'll get further suggestions from the more experienced boaters on the page.
I thought the 200 ran the double oil with the computer so you might have ran triple oil. you may have to clean and or change those plugs a couple times. Also check your kill switch might not have the rope in correctly. Let us know what it was. Keep your line wet Billy
The EFI's do not automatically run double oil during break in, Do you have any alarms that go with this rough idle? If so pull the motor hood off and turn on the key, if a red diode comes on then your water sep fuel filter is full and it needs replaced ( the oil filter looking thing)and i would drain out the remainder of your fuel tank, This is the most likely cause of your problem, other then that i'd have to say check your spark and compression if they all appear ok i'd take it back to your dealer and let them deal with it.
I had a problem with my 75hp merc early this year losing poser with it quitting while running wot. I had a new bulb put on, the new one has a yellow thing at each end of the bulb. This is an improved bulb and may be your problem if you do not have this one on your boat.

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