May sound corny but, would like opinion.

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Spanky P

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May 23, 2001
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Guys, this may sound crazy but, I'm thinking about mounting a bimini top which I can take off and on my Tracker 175. I don't want it to be on permanantly. Just trying to get some opinions of the positives and negatives. I also gave some thought to just rigging up one of those umbrella type rigs in the Bass Pro catalog. The summer squelching heat is comming soon and a few times last year I thought I was going to die in it. Thanks in advance for the input.
Forgot how to post there for a second...LOL

I thought about doing the4 same thing to my boat when I first got it The wife sunburns easy and having some shade makes it so she will spend more time on the boat with me.

My wife doesn't Fish all day, she likes to just sit and read or just ewnjoy nature.

What I came up with was this, I bought one of those large umbrelas, and took an old seat post and drilled it out to except the pole of the umbrella. Dang thing covers the whole back of the boat. You do lose the use of the rear seat, but it doesn't require and mounting plates or bolts into the boat either..

Howdy Spanky,

I have a Pro Deep-V 16 with a permanentaly mounted, 4 bow bimini top (have to with this Oklahoma heat). The only thing making mine permanent vice removable is swithing out the two screws with bolts that are holding the bimi top to the mounting bracket on the boat (there are only two for the model I have), with some locking pins or cotter pins of some sort. I talked to my local dealer (they installed it) and he said there are quite a few folks who do it this way for one reason or another and it works just fine.

However, this time of year here in Okie land, I never leave home without my bimini. Just too darn hot.

Hope this helps.

John K.