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Marke Cicero

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Mar 21, 2001
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As a lad an older gentleman (someone about Scott's age) once told me that the there two places to see the stupidest people in the world. A Home Depot parking lot and a boat ramp. We've all seen the guy strap 20 sheets of plywood on the roof of a Ford Escort with dental floss and seen the same guy take 20 minutes while wading up to his chest trying to get his boat on the trailer.

I own a full size GMC truck and I have good quality tie down straps. So I know I'm not the home depot guy.

But when I get my new boat, How do I not become the boat ramp guy. How easy is it to drive on to a trailer and are there any tricks I should know?


Marke, I could give you some advice...... But, at your age, you'd just blow it off anyway!

Eric pretty well summed it up. It just takes a bit a practice. In the next 32 years, you'll get lots of that!

One word of caution.... I've seen MANY people dump their boats off the ends of their trailers while they were backing in to unload. I always loosen the main winch strap a few cranks but not too many and NEVER unhook it. And never try to pull the boat back out without attaching and tightening the strap. I know it sounds pretty basic - but you'd be surprised........

Make sure you screw in the drain plug at the base of the transom BEFORE you launch..... Some times I've wondered later in the day why I couldn't get the boat up on plane...... But, I guess that's 'cuz of old age - you kids don't have memory problems!

AND..... Be sure to post pictures of you and your family with the new boat! We'd love to see them!

I load & unload my Targa V17 by my self with my truck and do pretty much the same routine as Eric. It had been over 10 years since I had maneuvered a boat. So last summer when I picked up my new boat up I went to a large empty parking lot and practiced backing the boat until I was comfortable. Then when no one else was around I visited the boat ramp with my boat and practiced backing down the ramp a few times.

I am glad I did this because the ramp I go to is real busy on the weekends. When I put in and pull out guys watching offer assistance which I thank them for but always do it on my own. I can confidently say that the practice was well worth my time, and that I have never felt like the guy/gal at Home Depot parking lot.
If you haven't practiced backing downhill
with your trailer you might get jack-knived
on the ramp.