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Buzz Bouvier

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Feb 22, 2001
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I was wondering if anyone has a way of getting the old registration numbers off a fiberglass hull. The boat I purchased has MO registration and I need to put Vt registration letters on and I was told to try and use a hair dryer to loosen them. I tried that yesterday without much luck, I don't want to scrape them off. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated..
Buzz, Try wd-40. You may still have to "scrape" them off anyway but, the wd-40 helps loosen them up a bit. I had to do the same thing with my boat moving from NY to NC. I ended up using my finger nails to scrape them off so I didn't have to use anything abraisive that would leave a mark. Good luck.
I know that Wal-Mart sells some stuff in their marine isle called "sticker-off". I don't know how well it works, I only know that it's there and about $3 a bottle. It might be worth a try. I scraped mine. But then again, my finish is older and I wasn't really worried too much. Good luck.
try a hair dryer just get hot enough to peel away letter............bob
Use the hair dryer and a pair of tweezers. If the letters have been there awhile, it may take a little work. After that,
use Goo Gone or denatured alcohol to get the remaining glue off before putting the new letters on.
A heat gun will also work better than a hair dryer,...it'll get hotter. Hair dryers have reostats in them that automatically shut them off just as they get hot'nuff to work good!! Careful with the heat gun though,..they get HOT!...Good luck.

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