KVD's newest book,....soon to be published!!

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Bill McElroy

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Jul 26, 2000
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Well,...since MINI let the cat out of the bag and not ME this time (LOL) let me be the 2nd person to let you all know that Kevin's next book (to be published in January, 2002) will feature my illustrations throughout the book. There's @ 20 drawings or so, and several photographs, but alot of his "tips" and techniques are best shown via artwork and not through a camera lens. Remember when I told you that I was hooking up with him this past August at 'Clair for a photo session,.....well, that's when he asked me to do the art for this book. After swallowing my tongue, I was able to spit out,..."Sure,...I'd be honored and glad to do that project for you!".....He said,..."I'm serious too!! Louie (the writer) and I think having your name and artwork associated with this, will help us sell more books,...your stuff is awesome!".....I was flattered to say the least and I'm very proud to say that it's all done, and I'm mailing out the art tomorrow! Look for the book soon,....it'll also have a pix of me on the back too...per KVD's request!

Kevin,..if you read this,..again, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for this opportunity!! It is the ultimate compliment in my opinion, to have your respect and to play a small part in your continued success. Anything I can do to help you is a pleasure of mine! To the rest of the readers on this site,...buy a copy of this book when it comes out,.....maybe he'll ask me to do more in the future!!

It's to bad that I won't have the chance to try out a few new "tricks" I learned on Mini,......I need all the help I can get to beat that dude!!! ...Of course,...Mini would just say,..."Who do you think told Kevin about that?!!"...LOLOL

Kevin,...can you hold off the book until Sept!? I need to beat Maniaci this year...LOL....Take care, dude,...see you at the shows this spring!

Neat Mac!!! Really glad for you. I assume BPS will carry the book when it comes out? When I get my copy can I send it to you for an autograph?
Sam,...BPS will deffinetly carry the book....aswell as most bookstores and amazon, etc. I'd be happy to sign it for you,....better yet,...make a road trip to MI this March to the Spring Classic,(21-24th)...if Kevin's there, we'll BOTH sign it for you,.....I'm sure he'll be at our Classic if there's not a tournament going on.

Thanks Mac, Will definitely make it up there for your classic.
Way to go Mac!! Everyone here at BPS Auburn Hills are very happy and excited for you! Can't wait to get the book. Any idea when it will be available? Man this is awesome! Congrats again Mac! And I'm sure that "in-person" with KVD will be all you need to put you over the hump with Mini.
Gee whiz guys do I feel outclassed. Nothing ever happens in Kentucky. I don't know any world class fishermen nor do I have a special gift like Mac. Nevertheless, I am excited about KVD's new book and I think that having Mac do the art is great. Mac, congrats on your success and I hope there are many more opportunities. Just goes to show you that the American dream is alive and well. And as Ken said, "you're da man."

Congrats Mac! Gee a celebrity amongst us! What is the name of the book going to be so I can watch for it?


Mac is da man.....I am gonna rag KVD about it when I get to florida....

He is gonna pay you good mac...lol

I'm not sure what the title of his book will be,....The writer, Louie Stout, sent me bits and pieces of the manuscript where illustrations were needed, so I was able to read those parts and draw accordingly.

It sure was a cool project,...would LOVE to do more. I've also done work for several other Walleye Pro's, including cartoons and illustrations. I have 9-10 cartoons in Mark Romanacks newest book, "Bassin' with the Pro's",....and I have several illustrations in another of his books, titled, "The art of Trolling". Kevin's book will be my 3rd and by far offer the best exposure. He's such a neat and easy guy to talk to anyway,...I am really proud to have been a part of it. I really do appreciate all the kind and supportive words from all of you on this site, and I hope every one of you eventually ends up with a copy,...Louie is an awesome writer and it will be well worth your time. It's due to be published this month,..and probably available for sale in Feb.,..deffinetely available for all of the the BPS Spring Classics! Mini,...when you see/talk to him in FLA,...tell him I said, "Thanks again for the opportunity and good luck in the tournament!!"

Way to go Mac!!! Congrats on the book and I'm looking forward to seeing it!

will do....

i can see you havent given up coffee for new years (based on the length of your posts...lol)

LOL,...nope,....love my coffee and just tryin to answer all the questions,...it's my "yob mon!"

That's really great Mac, now the Easter Bunny will have something to put in Craig's basket. We'll just have to snek it over to you first to get it signed. Again, Congratulations.
I see where KVD is going to be at the Boat Show in Indy the middle of February. If I can find the book before that I'll take it with me when I go and see if he'll sign it. It would be great to have that book and those two autographs!!!
I'll do the same Sam, Except when I go up to KVD I'll ask him he can get Mac's autograph instead!!!

I am sure KVD will sign it for you, as far as Mac's name.....I dont think so Pierre! How much you want top bet I get asked this year to sign one of them from people thinking I am Sir Mac!?!

LOL...I can see it now,.....some kid will come up to ME with his 6'5" 300lb Father in tow and ask me,..."Hey Mister,...why did you right BITE ME in my new book?!"..hahahaha...Mini,..you're my hero!

Just a note,

Northern bass in NH sell the 1st KVD book and he always sends them in autographed for them. I expect that they will also carry this new book. The've always had an agreement with Kevin where he provides the book autographed