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Larry Williams

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Sep 22, 2017
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Baton Rouge, LA
After doing the Fortrex to Ultrex troll motor change on my own, there are a few observations that I can share that might save you some grief later:

1. If you are installing the electronic compass puck on you boat be sure that you follow the instructions to use a ONE (1) AMP fuse.. some folks giving advice are suggesting the use of a 3 amp fuse. The instructions say to use a 1 amp fuse only.

2. Be sure that you install the 60 Amp breaker. A lot of wiring for the Fortrex is done with a 50 amp breaker. I did not find anyone telling us this through any online source.

3. The ultrex has sensitive electronic components that can be damaged by faulty battery chargers or electrical current spikes while charging your batteries. The only way to to prevent this is to have a breaker with a manual cut off switch or use a battery isolator switch for your system. I opted to use the 60A breaker that has a manual disconnect switch. If you get a spike in current that, disables your troll motor, you won't know about it until tournament day... (Murphey's law)

With a couple of months use now, I can report that I'm completely satisfied that this change was a great improvement and actually contributes to much better fishing concentration with considerably less fatigue managing you boat on the water. I did purchase the I Pilot LINK system unit and have now attached a Hummingbird Helix. The Helix works very well with the system but the lack of touch screen control makes it a bit tedious to manage the troll motor with it. I have not purchased the Lake Master map card yet. I wouldn't be able to get much use of the software for following contours since there are a limited number of lakes where that capability is programmed. The Link systems with the troll motor includes the cable needed to have the Helix communicate with the motor. You will have to have the adaptor cable for the Helix to connect to the cable provided with the troll motor.
The Helix does not communicate wth the troll motor without the wired connector.

Let me add here that the motor movement operation is much quiter tham I expected. Unless you are making really sharp turns where the motor needs to move a lot and quickly the unit is surprisingly queit to operate. When you mount your foot pedal be sure to keep in mind that you might not want the assembly at the bottom of the front recessed area. I mounted mine about 3/4" inch off the bottom to allow better access to the various foot buttons that control the motor. The unit is still recessed but it's very easy to toe touch spot lock or heading buttons. This is a persosnal choice but I like it much better this way..
You will definitely use less battery power due to easier control to keep you on track while operating. WIth good control, you are able to operate with less power consumed You will have to experience this to undestand the difference fully.

If you can afford to do this change- I can highly recommend getting this system...

Pat Dilling

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Oct 5, 2020
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Olivehurst, CA
Good report Larry. I will say that switching to an Ultrex, or perhaps any trolling motor with spot lock and Nav controls, is the single best improvement I have made in all my years of fishing, bar none. It literally has changed the way I fish. One suggestion I have for the foot pedal, I secured mine with industrial velcro instead of screws. Makes it easier to move around to get it right where you like it and also makes it easy to lift the pedal for cleaning or maintenance. I also place mine a short distance forward to make the Nav and Continuous power buttons easier to toe tap.


Aug 19, 2020
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Making the move from a Bass Tracker 175 to a Nitro Z19, the Ultrex trolling motor is one of the things I enjoy the most.

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