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Rich D

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Apr 30, 2001
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My father, and my boat have returned from Canada! They had an average week, with no trophies, but lot's of good fish. 2 to 3 lb bass and walleye, 5 to 6 lb pike. However, my boat is missing a rivet. Apparently someone hit it while it was docked. It is right under the gunnel. Any idea how I can find out the size of the rivet, and should I use a slightly bigger rivet to replace it?


Rich D

Run use a rivet guage, but I think those are marine "buck" rivets. Not sure of the spelling. I would think that up by the gunnel would only need one for integrity rather than water tight seal. Should be able to do yourself, but if not, I'm sure someone here will be able to tell you. What your father didn't tell you was that, that rivet popped because he had his feet braced up against the edge, horsin' that 13lb eye to the boat. He didn't want to rub it in. Does the boat smell like fish? LOL I hear those walleye up there are like perch here. Gotta go up and try that some time. Whata ya say, you and me, we'll head up and slam 'em.


I'm there!!

As soon as I clean out all that salt you pored in my wound! LOL!