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Rich D

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Apr 30, 2001
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My father, and my boat have returned from Canada! They had an average week, with no trophies, but lot's of good fish. 2 to 3 lb bass and walleye, 5 to 6 lb pike. However, my boat is missing a rivet. Apparently someone hit it while it was docked. It is right under the gunnel. Any idea how I can find out the size of the rivet, and should I use a slightly bigger rivet to replace it?


Rich D
Rich, use a drill bit set to see which size fits in the hole,then just go get that size rivet and replace

it.Oh yeah you might want to use a little silicone to help seal it and keep it snug so it doesn't

vibrate loose(this is more for water contact areas).
Hey smart thinking Dan. Now I would never have thought of that. I know, I ain't the brightest pumpkin on the porch, but I fish well! LOL


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