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Bill McElroy

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Jul 26, 2000
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Doug, some other topics that might be touched on in the owner's manuals. Prop recommendations and ratings info on each boat/motor. We get asked a LOT about what props work best for each boat and motor......maybe a chart showing this info would be helpful.
Show the range of HP available for that specific boat and the recommended props for each HP and the speeds we can expect with each, etc..etc. I know this info is available through literature at a dealership, but a matrix chart in a owners manual would be excellent info for a new owner. Anybody have any other "ideas" or things they'd like to see added,'s our chance!!
Thanks Doug,
I just ordered my first boat, 2001 TV-18 w/ 90hp Merc and I won't have it until late April. I'm as green as grass when it comes to boat owning. I'm also a rookie on this site, hence the empty message above. When I pick up my boat I'll have a few weeks before the water is soft enough to use it. In that time I figure I'll have read the owners manual cover to cover a few times. If there is a lack of inforamtion, I'll find it. I'm sure I'll have lots of questions for all of you guys over the next few months. I figure the dumber the question, the more likely it should have been in the owners manual.

Marke: Don't get your hopes up on the owner's manual you will be receiving...and if you read it cover to cover more than once, I just might have you committed, cause theres not much there to read. But looking forward, that is why I am listen to your questions and concerns and do everything I can to make sure future owners don't ask the same things after reading their manual.
At least it will be new reading material. I've been reading the same brochure description and looking at the same 3 photos everyday for the last month. I think my dealer is going to put a restraining order on Not to mention, if this snow doesn't melt soon, we'll all need to be committed.

Congrats on the TV-18. If you like it half as much as I like mine, you're in for a big suprise. Spend some extra time with your dealer when you go to pick it up. Make sure to right down questions before you get there and make notes when the service tech is going over things. Pay extra attn. to the motor break in info as well as alarm info. Hardest thing for me to get used to was live-well controls and operation. If you don't get it,,ASK! BTW make sure you and the tech turn on all of the pumps, bilge and live-well(2) and check that they operate.

Have fun!

Notice all of the things that Bruce is telling Mark to do at the dealers. That is all good info but should be included in the owners manual. You have to figure that a lot of Tracker owners are first time buyers and don't know the workings of a boat.

You should include model specific boat diagrams showing where everything is and how it works. Wiring diagrams would be great. Locations of hoses, how the seats work and can be adjusted, what switches run what, etc. Details like you would see in an car manual.

Keep it coming for Doug folks.

I agree totally with you Mike. Even though the dealer should go over all of that info with the new owner, it should also be included in the manual. I am planning on including boat specific layouts, diagrams and such. One of our most requested calls here at Customer Service is for wiring diagrams. Even though we don't have any good diagrams at the moment, that is my #1 priority for the new manuals...that is to get our engineers to make good wiring diagrams and to put them in the manual.
This is all great stuff guys...keep it coming!
Mac: I really like your idea about the HP. This info is listed in our marketing materials and the dealer has it, but why not put it in the owners manual...duh? For example, on your Nitro 901CDX owners manual it should list the speeds, etc like this: 150 XR6 61-63mph; 175 EFI 64-66mph; 200 EFI 69-71mph; 200 Optimax 68-70mph.
Would that help the new owner?
Doug, Mac,

I also agree, when we work boat shows we are given the little "red" book that has all these specs...why not in the manuals ? the manuals should also include proper maintenance and winterizing's in there, but a little weak. How about more info on the strigner systems and where if at all possible to mount optional rod racks for example (I've heard of peopl drilling right through the hull)

Trouble shooting guides are also very helpfull...what to do if you find water in the compartments, gel coat knicks...etc. Wiring and fusebox diagrams are also important.

The interesting part is that most boat owners DO take the time to read the manuals. It's not like a VCR or even a car, beats me why, but we are very proud of our boats and want to take care of them.

Good luck Doug...there's alot of work there!

OK, I'll jump in.

New cars typically come with some type of book on how to resolve warranty problems. Specifically, information on how to escalate your concerns up the corporate chain if you are having trouble getting satisfaction from your local resource.

We see a lot of posts from customers where the customer/dealer relationship has gone wrong on a problem. The customer wants to know where to turn, what type of response they should expect, etc.

Why not spell it out for the customer in their owners manual: "Here's what to do if you are having a problem with a warranty issue."
Rich: That is something we here a lot about...and I would like to address this issue and ask some questions about it, but I have had a bad day and am heading home. Will come back tomorrow and discuss this issue. Have a great evening everyone!
Doug -

How about a "General Information" section that would answer so many of the questions that are seen so very often.....

How do I wax my boat? What types of waxes? Should I wax the running surface? What products should be used to clean aluminum? How do I clean the carpeting? The differences between trolling and starting batteries? Synthetic oils - the pros and cons? Battery mantainance? Fuel additives? Life expectancy of gasoline in the tank?

You know.... all those little questions that EVERY new boat owner is GOING to ask! You don't have to be - and shouldn't be - brand specific but just give generalized information as a guideline.


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