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Bill / NY Kooi

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Nov 9, 2000
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The canal is clear at my house. So I loaded the boat up with new prop to run all the winter bugs out. Well, I got to the ramp the canal is frozen over every where. There was people fishing all right but they were drilling thru 15" of ICE yes 15" Can anybody help me move my wife back to Florida. Billy
Why go to Florida? Move to Central Calif instead. Tons of great fishing and you'll be close enuff to fish the two best "Big Bass" fisheries in the whole country, Clear Lake and the Calif. Delta!!
And you don't have to worry about Tornadoes or Hurricanes!!
Just another "option" to consider!! Har Har!!

Tight Lines!!

Todd C.
Ouch! I bet that was kind of Maybe you should buy an auger and learn to ice-fish. I catch some of my largest fish of the year through the ice.

Maybe Mac can draw up a Scales and Tales of you in your 640LX with a Motorguide chainsaw on the bow, skiis on the hull and 150Hp Mercury 24" ice

Hang in there Billy your buddies here in the north east are right there with you.


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