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Marke Cicero

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Mar 21, 2001
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Hey Gang,

Last night I decided I was going out today, rain or shine. Well, I got rain but I went. I got on the water and was pulling my rods out of the box. I grabbed my brand new 7foot BPS extreme rod and the box lid slipped, Yup, now I have have a 6'6" rod. Then I boated a 2.6lb smallie (largerst so far in the new boat). After a few more hours of very few small fish my partner and I decide to try another new lake a few miles down the road.

We get to the new lake and 20 feet from the ramp,POW, a 3+lb Largemouth on my first cast (the boats new record). I get him off the hook and back in the lake. When bend down to get my rod I notice my floor was soaking wet, Yup, Forgot the plug! Now I'm hanging off the back of the boat jaming the plug in the hole (like I'm not wet enough from the rain). The bilge works Awesome, pumped out the boat in 25 minutes....LOL But wait, There's more.

After tooling around with the TM waiting for the bilge to drain we decide to try the other side of the lake but guess what, I left the boat keys in the truck. We trolled all the way back to the ramp and got the keys. Don't stop laughing yet, it get's even better!

We motor to the other side of the lake for a 12" largemouth in 2 hours. It's time to leave and motor back (WOT, 5000rpm, 42 speedo, I love my boat). 50 feet from the ramp, a few hundred rpms, 1 mph speedo and BANG, Yup, broke 1 prop blade in half and bent the other 2.

In summary, Gas $37, Broken Rod $99, new Prop $100, being able to share this fun tale with all of you...Priceless...

Good times to all,


PS, I'll have photos of the fish posted soon.
I can make you feel better Marke I HAD TO WORK !!!! =)

rip some lips...Ron

Sounds like one of those frustrating days that makes you laugh to keep you from crying.

I went to the BPS/Tracker parts counter and got me one of them gas struts they put on those fancy boats, for one of my rod locker doors. For a whopping 26 bucks and half an hour of my labor, well worth it. Will do the same project on the other locker door sometime soon.

Not only does it keep the locker lid from falling on rods, fingers, toes, etc., it avoids creating one of those gunshot-loud, lid dropping noises in a quiet cove that lets every fish within 300 yards know there is a clumsy human nearby (although maybe not a threat due to a broken rod :) ).

Glad you caught some nice fish.

Welcome to the "list" Marke,...LOL....Toldya you'd make it someday!!!...Bad things happen in 3's, so you're good to go for the rest of the summer!!....Oh the stories we could ALL tell,.....hahaha....take care dude,..
Just think, Marke....... 25 Years from now you'll be telling this story to your friends under 30 and THEY will be laughing and thinking that THEY would NEVER do anything that stupid!

Marke, we've all had days like that. It makes the good days great, and the great days into life long memories. Fishing is enduring the good,bad, and ugly and still be able to come out smiling.
Dang Marke! What does one say after reading about your trip? Oh yeah-Well at least no one drowned! (No one drowned, did they?) Someone needs to write a book. Heck Sarge and I could probably be good for a chapter or two!LOL
At least you caught fish. Hang in there.