I found the streaker post!

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Rob LaMoy

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Mar 19, 2001
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Man you guys had WAY too much time on your hands. But then again, all works of genius are usually stumbled across. "I LIKE IT!" Guess I'll have to get in shape after all. I needed this laugh today. I bet I'll laugh more at the streaker rally. Mac, bouncing will be cool! LOL Please keep in mind that chilly breezes could positively affect the female participants. But I hate to point out that it will NEGATIVELY affect the males!
Rod..Good luck buddy, I'm sure everything eill turn out right. Just make sure that during these times your heads stays screwed on right!

I agree with the the Nitro streaking tournament, however if this is the case I will not be a participent and will offer my services as an official judge....mashall or whatever.

I'm sure I could find a few Quebec beauties to participate too (just to bump up the female content of this tournament....How will this affect the amount of guys that show up ? Will their wife want to participate or let their husnads go ?

I'm ready!

I told my wife about it Friday night...as I was undressing and she just looked at me...laughed hysterically and said I could go. Am not sure what she meant when she said she didn't have anything to worry about...but I did get the "go ahead"

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