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Bill McElroy

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Jul 26, 2000
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And they say good thing's happen in 3's!!! I just got an invitation to attend the BassMaster's Classic next week!!

I will be in the Nitro Booth doing face painting on little kids for 3 days,.....how cool is that??!! I'll be there all 3 days and will be doing the face painting for 2 hours at a time before and after the weigh-ins, and in the morning's sometime,...it'll be cool!!....The place will be crawling with kids,..all decked out with smiley bass cartoons and nitro logo's painted on their cheeks! I will ROCK!! LOL

Stop by and introduce yourself to me,...would love to meet any member of this board!! Oh and make sure you grab a MotorGuide T-shirt while you're there....rumor has it they're pretty cool!! Seeya!!


Thats great news, I'll be sure to look for you on Saturday, I'll be there, plan on spending the day there, GRAB AND HOLD ONE OF THEM THERE SHIRTS FOR ME PLEASE, Look forward to meeting you.
And to think that years ago your mother tried to stop you from drawing on your little brother's face!

You know, Mac, I've never had the opportunity to meet you in person....... Or even talk to you by phone........ But from your posts I get the feeling that you will have the time of your life! And not just with the tournament - but just as much, if not more so, with the kids!

You're good people, Bill McElroy!

William,...make sure you introduce yourself and mention this website!! I'm sure I'll meet a gazillion people so I want to make sure I remember you!! I'll hook you up with one of them thare shirts!! LOL...and Scott,..thanks man,...we do need to chat sometime,...I really enjoy myself when i'm doing my own thing y'know,....I love being around the fishing crowd and I can never seem to get enough of it. This will be an opportunity I will never forget!! That Nitro booth will be crawling with kids and I'll never turn one away,...if that line is a mile long,....so be it,...i just hope i have enough paint!! LOL Thanks again for the nice words...sincerely appreciated.

That's great Mac. Wish I could make it. Too darn busy here. They should have a classic a little more north one of these years. Hey if it is at all possible, please send me a shirt, please, please!!! Any way, you cover the classic, and I'll cover the FLW. Tracker/Nitro will cover all bases!


Send Woo our support. Hopefully he can repeat!
Once again, Mac, you are 'da man.

Snag me a shirt, eh??? Have fun and wear all your Bass Pro stuff...LOL
Mac - Throw a shirt south will ya!

Hey, get a bunch of those color Nitro web-site cards that John Foster did up and pass them out too, get us some more traffic to the site. I'm still trying to find the other 2000 Pro Crappie owners out there (besides the half dozen on this site).

Okay, Adam and William,..I'll be looking for ya!!!...make sure you swing by the MotorGuide display and get a t-shirt,...tell him you know me!!..Seeya there!!! Man this is going to be fun!!! Sam,...I'll pick up a ticket at lunch!! LOL

Thanks guys,....you're all the greatest!!

Mac, Will this be your first Classic? You'll be like a kid in a candy store. Have a great time!!!!
Yes it is Sam,....I wanted to go to last year's in Chicago..(a 4 hr drive), but I had a tournament the same weekend,.....and unfortunately, I have to miss our State Championship THIS year on 'Clair, in order to attend this Classic. Our Championship was originally scheduled for Sept. but it had to be changed because it conflicted with the Federation Northern Divisionals, so we voted to move it to August 3-4th. When this opportunity came up to attend the Classic,.....well,...easy choice,...I'll fish the Championship NEXT year!!! hahhaahha

Man this is going to be fun,..I just can't wait to meet face to face with the "voices" that I've been sponsored by and worked with for so many years,...infact,...this will be the first time I'll get to meet the folks from BASS Times!!

Unbelievable to say the least,.....my face and jaw will ache for days after from all the smiling!! LOL...I'll post a summary when I get back.....can't wait to meet William, Adam, and anyone else from this website that can make it down,.....really looking forward to this,...and you're right Sam,..I will be a kid,...in a Tackle store! LOL

No doubt Adam,...I've been to Nawlin's before,....6-7 years ago.....man was that fun!! I know of a couple places on Bourbon St. that I might just have to pop in to for a soda "after work"!..LOL...I better pack an extra roll of film!!

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