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JT Kukucka

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Apr 4, 2001
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I placed my order for my 2001 Nx882 in the middle of March sometime...Today I called the dealer and was informed that my boat came in yesterday. When I asked when I could come to pick the boat up, I was told in a couple of weeks, This is a big problem. Originally I was told rigging the boat would take a couple of hours. I asked the dealer why I have to wait so long and I was told they have to "put me on the schedule." I love to fish tournaments, and now I will not be on the water until the end of May earliest.

Is this normal for a dealer to do? Should I call Tracke to complain?
JT,..relax, will deffinetely take more than a couple hours to rig your boat, but you also have to wait your turn. They've got dozens of new boats that have to be rigged and they can only do so many a day. If he told you a couple weeks, you're lucky!! Some dealers are booked for 4-6weeks!!! If you want to win points with your dealer, for future service and overall goodwill.....DONT start complaining a day after your boat arrives!! Just my opinion!
Patience is a virtue!
JT, I understand your frustration. It is the busy season for boat dealers. In addition to delivering new boats, the dealers' existing customers with old boat are bringing them the things that aren't working right as the boating season gets underway. It's a common problem this time of year.

Hang in there!
I am not by any means an impatient person. The thing is I have a May 11 deadline to enter a tournament(Foxwoods trail)..I informed the dealer that I needed to have the boat registered prior to May 11 in order for me to fish in this tournament. When I ordered the boat they told me this would not be a problem. This is also my second boat with this dealership. I have been already spent a considerable amount of time preparing for this tournament.
Marine USA in Worcester MA...This is my second boat with them and they have been great up until this.
JT, I know them very well there I have purchased 3 boats from them and I also work the sporting shows for them. Trust me they are very busy. I just had my boat there a few weeks ago and it tooks 3 weeks for them to squeeze me in. This is there worst time of the year. Everyone wnats there boats. Trust me though it will be worth your wait.

Rob L

I also purchased my boat from Marine USA (in Milford, NH). I am scheduled to pick up my boat on Wednesday 5/9. They told me that I could call or stop by once the boat was in and get all the serial numbers and other info and register the boat before I get it. I don't know about the laws in MA, but if your boat is in you should be able to do the same. I don't the the tourny date but you may be able to register the boat in time to make the tourny registration deadline.

Good luck and hang in there, Marine USA is busier than a Southern NH liquor store on Sunday


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