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Jeff Duggan

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May 31, 2001
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Just wanted to introduce myself as a new member, though I have been coming to this site for several weeks now. I just picked up my new 2001 Nitro 700LXDC with 90 hp mercury today. I can't wait to get it out on the lake. I look forward to meeting people on this board and getting lots of good tips,tricks and ideas.

Jeff Duggan
Wow, 2 empty posts, Maybe that will get me on the list huh Mac?

Anyway, Let me try this again.

Welcome aboard Jeff and congrats on the new rig. Since you've been checking in for a few weeks I'm sure you know what a fun gang everyone is here. I hope you can post some pictues soon, we love to see the new boats.

You've BEEN on the list since day one,....we just haven't told you why yet!!..LOL Tight lines Bud,...
Welcome Jeff, you are gona like that new boat now go catch some fish.

Hey Jeff!
Glad to see another Tennessee Nitro owner on
the board. With the new Bass Pro Shops in Nashville,
I thought we might get more people on the site. Tell
every Tracker/Nitro owner you see on the lake about it.
They won't regret it, and you won't either!
Thanks again to Rich for the great site!
Welcome to the site and the 700 club. You will love the boat. I have a 98 700 and its been a very good boat. Good fishin
Welcome. Good luck and keep the water on the outside and the fish on the inside.
Thanks for all the replies. I will try to get some pictures of the boat up as soon as I can...........Happy fishing everyone!



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