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Thomas Macaluso

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Jul 10, 2000
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Rob just giving yell to let you know that we be back up two week from this Saturday 7/28 ans will be up all week why don't we plan to fish together that week . we will have a third person with us part of the week so if you don't mind using your own boat or if you what to wait till later in the week you can fish with us .Also we only staying right down the road from you if you cann't get free for a whole day later in the week we can hook up after you et out of work . we staying in marine village so my boat will e on the trailer so I can launch anywhere. talk to you later
Sounds good to me Tom. Probably be a lot pros around since FLW championship is here in early Sept. Talk to you soon.

Hey, Everyone........ I don't know if it's something that I should point out - but I will anyway....... You know me!

Rob not only fishes for a hobby - it's his living.......