Hello from Prague...Good luck at the tournament!!!

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Pierre Voisine

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Mar 15, 2000
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Just wanted to send a quick note to wish everybody a good time at the tournament this weekend. As you can guess I could not make it due to travel (work..work...work)but I'll be thinking of you guys.

Rich, even overseas people visit your site now!!
I'm jealous that you guys will actually be in a boat so soon. Of course the fact that I could not attend the opener does not affect the 2nd Nitro Owners board tournament I promissed to organize in Canada next year, if you are all interested.

Chris -see you in August!

Have Fun...
Hey Pierre,...are you really working or just hanging out in the bars with those two wiiiiild and craaazy Czech guys??!! Talking about women and their Huuuuge Amercian Bass's??....yeah I bet you are!! LOL Any bait shops over there??....Prague Pro Shops or Cabelaslovakia's?? Keep us posted.....

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