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Andrew Zuber

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Mar 19, 2001
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First a quick comment on the great site you have here!!! I just registered last week and have learned a lot of common sense approaches to problems - good stuff!
Is it too early to talk fishing? Granted, the water here in MI is still solid...and my brand new Tournament V-18 keeps calling me! Here's the question: I'm headed to Lake Barkley in western Kentucky in late April for bass. Anyone have any experience with this Lake they'd like to share?
Hey Andy,...Welcome to the board....where do you live in MI?...Mini and I both live over by St.Clair...great fishin' in the mitten!!! BTW,...Great boat choice!! those TV-18's....excellent aluminum boat!
Have a great season..

Welcome aboard! Kentucky/Barkely? If you are used to fishing we have here in Michigan, I would stay fishing has been pretty bad down there the past few years due to the killing of most of the grass in the lake. It is now starting to come back, and you can get bit....but it is NOTHING like we have here in MI. I would say to take the money, get a Canadian license and go to the Detroit River for Walleyes...they should be hot and heavy in late April.


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