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Spanky P

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May 23, 2001
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Guys, I've had my Pro Team 175 for 6-7 months. From the first day I started using my trolling motor I've felt that the mounting bracket for my trolling motor was on the whimpy side. I had previously used a Minn Kota for almost 15 years and feel that bracket was alot beefier. I think I want to purchase the Gator Mount. Please give me the pros and cons. Can I use the same mounting holes as the Motor Guide/Tracker mounting bracket. Are they far more superior than the standard bracket? If I want to up-grade to another Motor Guide t/m in the future are they compatable for them? Are all the Gator Mounts the same? Your response and help in this matter is appreciated. I think the dealer may just tell me what I want to hear. You guys give the real truth to issues.

Yes the Gator mount is better than the regular MOtor Guide mount. The mounting holes are the same on both mounts, and yes as long as you have the hinged door you can swap from one Motor Guide to another very quickly, with very little effort.

If you are serious about wanting a regular Gator mount I have a spare I would part with at a very resonable cost.

Cliff Van Beek

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South Dakota B.A.S.S. Federation
I agree with rob. I have a PT 175 and the T/M was wobbly and noisy. I took the the (4) rubber insert nuts out and cut the rubber spacer off and pitched the rest. I got washers, stainless bolts, and nuts to replace the rubber insert nut. Using the existing holes, I put the rubber spacer between the deck and the mount, ran the bolt through the mount, spacer, the deck, and finally through an 1 1/4" fender washer. Then using a lock nut and hex nut I tightened the bolts down firmly on the rubber but not so tight as to lose the rubber's effect. It's working perfectly now.