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Andrew Zuber

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Mar 19, 2001
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Ever seen or had this one happen?

I got the trolling motor buried in the weeds trying to get a lure loose...Then, no power. Went back to the battery compartment, pulled the fuse holder apart, and noticed that the fuse had actually exploded! The glass was shattered and what remained of the fuse was in two pieces. One piece came right out, but the other piece would not budge. Was able to steal the other harness in the compartment (for 24V hook-up)and finish fishing. When I got home, I had to drill and pull the other piece of fuse out. Upon closer examination, I believe the fuse holder was damaged by the explosion as well..

I guess the moral of the story is not to get your lure hung up in the weeds!!!

Andy Z
Andy, I suggest that you replace that fuse system with 50 amp circuit breakers, especially if you are going to continue fishing in the weeds.

Andy -

What actually ocurred is that points where your fuse ends contact the fuse holder became corroded and "welded" together. This happens all the time due to all the moisture inside the hull of a boat. Then, when you openned the holder, the fuse simply broke.

Circuit breakers cure the problem. (Now, why don't the boat manufacturers realize this........)

I agree with putting in Ciruit breakers. But I would only put in breakers the same size the original fuse was. Plus I would install manual re-set breakers. I run 30amp manual re-set breakers on my 12/24 motor guide and have never had a problem. 50amp breakers seem way to high. and could be dangerous if your wiring is not able to handle 50amps..because the wires could go before the breaker. the weakest link will go first in any electrical circuit..



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