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Rob LaMoy

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Mar 19, 2001
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Have you ever taken Norvasc or Kumadin (spelling?)The doc put me on Norvasc until the surgery to help alleviate some of the pressure since my ateries are still not worn out, but after, I have to go on Kumadin, a thinner. That's what I'll be on for life. Just wondering if you take either and what side affects you might have experienced.
Rob -

I've been taking Norvasc for about the last 3 years and have had absolutely no side effects.

I've heard of Kumadin but have no experience with it. For a "thinner" they just have me taking one 325 mg aspirin a day.

The only medications that I have ever experienced ill side effects from were the family of drugs known as Beta-blockers. Sorry, I can't remember any specific names right at this moment. They are ment to slow down the heart rate. They make me so drowsy that I simply can't function. I've tried them twice now, both times for about three months and have not been able to adjust to them.

Hope this helps!

Come on now Scott. NO SIDE AFFECTS.. You were 6'2" tall and weighed 220 lbs before you started taking it....LOL

Wishing both of you guys the best...


They had put my father on Kumadin for a while. It really thins the blood, so even if you nick yourself shaving, you bleed rather heavily. Also, since your blood is thinner, you will notice that you will feel cold more than you are use to. Other than that, there wasn't any side affects that my dad mentioned to us. I'll see him tonight and ask him if there was anything else and get back to you.

Does anybody know of any websites to check it out?
I don't know what kind of an ailment you have but if, as Scott referred to as Beta-Blockers, is something you might be on later, I would seriously look into those side effects. I'm not sure how old you are and if kids already exist for you, or may be in your future, but Beta Blockers such as Phenoxybenzamine do cause sterility. Like I said I don't know you or your situation, but I wish someone would have told me before I took it.
Rob, Been on Coumadin for about 5 years now. It is a pretty potent drug that is used to prevent strokes.
In all respect to Barb it is not really a blood thinner, It is an anti-clotting agent.
Once you start taking it you will have to moniter it closely, there is a range your Dr. will want to keep you at. When I started I had to do blood tests every week until it was stabilized. I still have to have the test, it's called a pro-time, every month. Your Dr. will probably tell you to wear a Med-ID in case of an Emergency.
I have no real side effects with it other than keeping those hooks outa my fingers (LOL)
If you have any other questions feel free to contact me.
Just dug out my scripts on Coumadin. Here is the side effects they list.
Loss of appetite,nausea,diarrhea or blurred vision may occur until your body adjusts to the medication.
Who needs WebMD - we've got the Nitro / Tracker Owners!

I forgot about getting cold! During the summer, even though I don't have to wear a coat and tie for work, I keep a wool sports coat to wear at my desk! Ask the guys at the tournament in April - they were standing around Friday night in SHORTS while we ate dinner and I was shiverring in long pants and a hooded sweatshirt! I get SO much static from everyone! But then I don't have much insulation to begin with!


And, John..... The only time I've been over 5'6 1/2" was when I was younger...... Used to say I was 5'7! Made me at least FEEL bigger!

Now, while I was married I did shoot up to 160# for a while..... Linda was Italian and she sure could cook! Then, I got divorced and went back to pot pies, tv dinners and 140.........

I take Toprol XL, a beta blocker slow heartbeat (normally around 60 per minute) and irregular bllod pressure. I've been taking them for years and the only side effect I've noticed is that originally, I couldn't stay awake 10 minutes after I took them. But I've gotten used to them over the years and have no problem with them at all.

Thanks for all the input guys. A lot to think about before this surgery.