Does anyone here fish the Potomac River, MD, VA?

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JT Kukucka

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Apr 4, 2001
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I am supposed to visit a friend in Deleware the week of May 20th and I would like to bring my boat along when I go.(If it is rigged by the dealer in time) Anyways I would like to try fishing the Potomac River. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to fish, and what lures to use?
If you get (and keep) Bassmaster Magazine or BASS Times, you may want to take a look at the October (I believe) editions for the techniques used by the BASS Top 150 competitors there last August. I know several of the top 10 finishers fished in Mattawoman Creek, using a variety of soft plastics. The tournament was won by Carl Maxfield using tube jigs on a bank in the back of that creek with submerged grass on it. There are also a lot of grass beds in the main part of the river that can be flipped with jigs and other soft plastics. Remember not to get in too shallow of water when the tide goes out, as you could be left high and dry for a while! Good Luck!!