Broke my T-motor skeg

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Charlie Richardson

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Mar 7, 2000
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Hey Guys, Last week while trying to load my boat on the trailer in 3 foot swells my son who was holding the boat let it get under the dock and snapped the skeg off flush with the bottom of the tmotor. It seems to operate and turn just the same as befoe, so I was wondering if the only reason for the skeg is that it protects the prop? Is there any way to repair it, or should I order that section of the motor housing, or possible just leave it alone? Now for the rest of the story.... As I was backing the truck down the ramp I saw the front of the boat go under the dock and immediately knew what the result was gonna be. I jumped out of the truck and stormed out on the dock madder than a wet hen, snatched the rope from my 15 yr olds hand and said " gimme the damn thing and I'll show you how to handle a boat in the waves" I then got the boat from under the dock and angrily stepped into it to put it on the trailer. The only problem was that I misjudged the distance to the gunwale and overstepped, putting my right foot between the console and front deck. Well you guys know the rest of the story. Boat goes one way, dock stays in place and fat boy goes in the lake. when I finally bobbed back above the water my son Jake asked if I wuz ok and upon hearing that I would probaly survive he imediately went to his knees laughing his a$$ off. I really showed him huh? Anyway I would really appreciate any help or ideas about the skeg. Thanks Cmack
Charlie -

I have absolutely no answer for you......

But, man, I just wanted to say "Glad to see you again!" Haven't heard from you in a coon's age! Welcome back!

Marke - You need to include Charlie's story in your list of "Stupid Human Tricks"!

Hi Charlie, that was a good one to read at 7am!! LOL...funny story!!..Glad you weren't hurt!! Your trolling motor should be fine for the season...replace it later if you want to, but if it's still working and it didn't crack the housing, then I'd say just use it!!,...You're right about the skeg though, protects the prop. (somewhat!)
Have a great season and be sure to watch that 1st step........BTW...Hope your son's stomach muscles have healed! :eek:)
I have no idea about your skeg, but sure loved your tale. Glad you're OK and it just goes to show, getting mad only increases your blood pressure and increases your chance of doing something you'll regret 2 minutes after you do it.
I ran my trolling motor with no skeg for a year and never noticed any difference. I dodn't wreck any props or share pins. I did just sell it to a friend and he sent it back to MotorGuide to have the skeg replaced. They gave him a whole new housing. It cost $75.00 and was gone for over a month.

Rob L