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Barb Baggott

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Mar 27, 2001
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Hello all,

Got another question for the experts. I was told by dealer that the motor needs a break-in period which I have been following. They also put some 2-stroke oil in gas to run out during break-in. I'm down to less than a quarter tank but more than an eighth of a tank. Do you think I could go ahead and fill up the tank now? They told me to run the tank as dry as I could get it. What do guys think?

Thanks for the help as always,
When i broke mine in I got down to where you're at now and filled the tank up and added 100:1 oil. The next time I added gas I didn't add extra oil.
I was told by the dealer to run the original tank with the oil in it down to under 1/4 then put gas in and go. That's what I did and it's just fine. Also after the first 20 hours I took it to the dealership and had the oil and plugs changed and checked the engine over.

Tell ya what, Barb....... Things like breakin' in motors should really be left to those who know best how to break 'em..... Uh, "in" that is........

So, being the gentleman that I am....... And an old hand at breaking (in) stuff..... If you'd like to bring your boat down here to St. Louis for a week or two and drop it off in my experienced hands...... I'd be more than happy to see that the final stages are done to PERFECTION!

Barb - Scott's been trying that trick for years, one day someone will fall for it.

On the oil/gas, I did exactly what you did, got to about 1/8 tank and filled up with plain regular unleaded and have not had a problem in over 1 year since i've had the boat (40 merc). Just make sure you keep on eye on the Tack the next few hours and don't run WOT for more than 5-10 minutes at a time till you hit your magic 10 hours and break-in is completed. I also did what Cass did at 20 hours, and had the annual/year-end service with a tune-up. What surprized me with a real-boat (my last one was a 14ft john boat w/5hp Mariner that I ran for 8 years) that it took me from Februrary through late September to get 20 hours on the boat - Try to spend as much time fishing and less time running. Though that will probably go the opposite this summer when I tow the family around the lakes, my 4 yearold Noah is ready!

Enjoy and keep us informed. TrepMan

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