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Rob LaMoy

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Mar 19, 2001
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Hey guys,
I cristened the boat this weekend. I had run it before, but this weekend was her first official time out. My tech didn't have the voltage relay in yet so he said just to run it easy until I know where my tach is at. Anyhow, at 45 mph is chop that boat rides like a dream. My new trolling motor is a BEAST. Ran it all day in high winds and only started losing power after about hour 13. Now for the good news. It was cold, air only low 50's and water was around 40 at best but I caught my first bass of the year on Sat afternoon. Two smallies. One was just under 2 lbs and the other just over. Lost one at the boat that was all of 3. I have witnesses Scott! LOL That told me all I needed to know for Sunday. I found a feeder creek that was about 10 degrees warmer and you know what? BAM! 21 smallies. Only 3 under 2lbs and 4 over 3lbs. All the rest were solid 2 lb fish. It was cold, but it was awesome. This week is supposed to be in the 80's. I can't believe it. That means the largemouth will start moving shallow. Anyway, it was an awsome weekend and I hope everyone else had as good a time.

Are you fishing Lake Champlain already? I usually start fishing at the beginning of June after the spring turkey season. Good luck with the boat.

Yes. Lake Champlain has an early catch and release season. If you don't fish it, you're missing some of the best action of the whole year. I have guiding here for years and May is always my best month. If this weekend was any indication, this year will be a record setting year. If you are ever up, give me a shout. I'd be happy to take someone from the board out. You buy lunch, sound fair?
Rob, for that kind of smallie rippin action I'll buy lunch AND dinner. I'm glad the boat's finally all in order. When do have your trip with a client?

Tight lines,

Hey Rob, I'm on the other side of the lake from you. I may take you up on the offer some day. I'll bring lunch and snacks!! Bob

I have clients starting this weekend. I do have certain days I can fit friends in though. Bob, some of the best action is on you side of the pond. In May, it's nothing to have 60 fish days, all over 2 lbs, most over 3 and even a possible 6 lber. The secret has been out since B.A.S.S. came up twice and now that the FLW is coming is Sept, I think you will see a lot of people escaping the summer heat down south to come up here and wear their arms out on this lake. Let me know when you want to go Bob, and we'll figure out a spot for me to pick you up. I usually fish around the islands. By the way, do you know Kevin St.Marie? I think he runs a Cajun.
Hey Rob,

60 fish days? Are you serious? Do you have a full time job and guide on the weekends or is guiding a full time gig? I have some vaca time I could use and head up on a weekday if that would better fit into your schedule. Can you email me a couple of possible days in June and I'll see if I can work something out. You said 60 fish, right? That wasn't a type-o and you really meant 20 fish, right?

You lucky


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