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Bill McElroy

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Jul 26, 2000
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Hi Nathan,...I would like to extend an invitation to you and the other members of the management team at Tracker/Nitro to monitor this board on a regular basis. I think you will be surprised at what a wealth of information you might be able to use to help make your job easier!! You won't find a better place to feel the pulse of the customers and get a feeling for what Tracker and Nitro owners like and dislike about their boats, as well as a multitude of ideas on how they could be improved,or avoided altogether. There are a lot of satisfied customers out there that are very happy with their boats and their dealerships, but there are also many more people who are upset and vow to "never buy another Tracker or Nitro again". This upsets me, and it should upset every single employee in the company!! This needs to change fast, and I know there are a LOT of very smart, and knowledgeable people on this site who can help you solve some of these problems if they're asked. Doug Patillo has asked us on several occasions for our input and suggestions to help him revise and update the owners manuals, and who better to ask, than the owners! We as owners are very happy to have Doug join us and it will be evident in the new manuals he produces. They will be the best, most up to date and comprehensive manuals Tracker's ever produced due to his initiative. We are proud of our boats and we want to help you and everyone else at Tracker build the best boats in the industry, ...all you have to do is ask.
Please take a moment when you have time and explore this site and see first hand what a pool of talent exists here and how we might be able to help's not only a smart thing to's FREE!! LOL..
Take care and holler back when you can...thanks and have a great day!
Well said Mac, I'm on my 3 Nitro, But if I was buying my first boat and was considering a Tracker boat and I read what some of the members have been saying lately about their problems they are having I might not consider a tracker boat. Thank God I have had great luck with all my Tracker Boats so far, and I have a top notch Dealer in D&R Sports of Kalamazoo, MI, to take care of me. Unfortunately people will have problems with their boats, its just part of owning a boat, what makes experience of owning a boat a great one is having a service department that takes care of the problems Quickly and is understanding to your needs. People who put their hard erned money on the table, expect Quality, and Integrity from the Makers and Dealers, 1 sour experience can ruin it for them and everybody else ready about their problem. Just my Take, Rod
I couldn't agree more Mac. As many already know, just a few short months ago, I was one of those angry Tracker owners. A company's future lies in it's repeat business....don't believe me, go ask Jeff Bezos of Amazon why they're floundering. The treatment I received at first was in short horrid. I guide for a living. How many boats will a person in my profession go through in a lifetime? Likewise with serious tourney anglers. I did by a second Tracker, but it was used. An '89, back when Tracker built boats like tanks. I think the shift in purchasing has proven that the cheap trend is over. People want to buy quality and know the manufacturer will stand behind their product. The information on this board is invaluable, and the people terrific. However, in all honesty, when I buy my new boat next year, I highly doubt it will be a Nitro, unless I start to see a change in the trend of bad reports read on this board. In my case to the attorney general against Tracker, the most damning evidence came from this board. I know Tracker is attempting to make changes. I only hope they stick with it and don't forget who is really in charge... the customers. Just me sounding off guys.
aka NYguide2539
Well said Mac! When I was looking to replace my Pro-Angler this year, Tracker was NOT at the top of my list. I was seeing a lot of shabby workmanship in their boats and hearing the customer service horror stories. It looked like a company growing too big too fast. Then I saw the new boats that they came out with this year. It seemed like a deafinite improvement. I decided to take a chance with Tracker again. So far I am very pleased. I do keep my fingers and toes crossed that I don't need warranty work done. The customer service still needs work. A MAJOR plus is the people on this board. There isn't another board out there that is as helpful. Tracker, if you're watching, keep an eye on this board. It's the best free knowledge and advertising you will ever get.

My thoughts exactly. First let me say, I'm a brand new boat owner and I found this site prior to doing the final closing on my first boat over a month ago. I must say after reading a few of the posts from folks who have had some very nasty Tracker stories, I came very close to canceling that closing and going elsewhere. If it were not for all the other positive feedback I found on this site I may have done just that (the good seemed to out-weigh the bad as I saw it). Additionally, I will echo Mike Watson in saying that Tracker was not my first choice. It took me almost 6 months of research before deciding to go with Tracker.

Coming from a person who has recently done his homework before purchasing a boat, I think it is safe to say that the competition in the boat manufacturing/sales industry is getting tougher and tougher, at least it is as far as I'm concerned. With the popularity and growth of the World Wide Web, shopping for a new boat has never been easier. The choices are the toughest part. I say this primarily because during my search, I stumbled across numerous boat manufacturers of whom any one of which I could have very easily have purchased from for many reasons and in all fairness might have likely been just as satisfied with. A number of these manufacturers I had heard of before (good and bad) but there were many I had not. The important thing to note here is, there are an abundance of choices out there..

All in all, my main reason for choosing Tracker is the same reason I think many others choose Tracker.....price (i.e., what you get for your money). However, I feel that no matter how good the price is, if the quality and service aren
You are exactly right John,...and if a company doesn't recognize that and act on it and use it to their advantage,..they won't be in business long regardless of their size...someone said awhile back that it's repeat business that keeps companies alive and if they don't step up to the plate, and take care of problems right out of the shoot,...those buyers WON'T repeat the same mistake twice!!
We are glad you chose Tracker and we all hope that you'll never regret it,'s a real feather in Rich Stern's cap to be able to maintain a site like this and give us "regular folk" a place to help each other and help their "bottom line" at the same time...Thank you John for getting involved and helping spread the word,...and thank you Rich for such a great "soap box" for all of us to stand on!!!
Best fishes always!!

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