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Rob LaMoy

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Mar 19, 2001
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I just priced a 2002 901 with custom colors and ALL the extras. I have set a goal to be able to pay cash for it by next year. For those that don't know that's about $34,000. That's a lot of $ to drop if I don't like the boat, so I would like some feedback since I will be stepping up and out of my old boat stigma.

How fast top end? Oh I am getting the 200 EFI

Rough water ride?



How does it trailer?

Overall rating 1-10

Thanks in advance. I have been in the process of developing a business that by practicing financial discipline, will provide me the opportunity to buy what I WANT, not what I can finance. This is why I have stuck with an '89. When I make the next boat purchase, it will be what I have dreamt of for years, and I need to get it right the first time. I feel it neccessary to warn everyone that I am also considering comparable Skeeter, Triton, Ranger, and Champion sell me. To be brutally honest, I value the info from the members of this board far more than any dealer.


Know absolutely nothing about the 901 but when you consider other boats you should look at the BassCats also. All those you mentioned make a great boat but I think the Cats are a little greater!


I own a 2000 901 CDX DC with a 200 HP Optimax.To answer some of your questions:1. Top end speed on speedo 74 mph. 2.

Rough water ride is incredible (smooth,real smooth) 3. Storage - there is no place in the boat that isn't storage 4.Trailering - I went with the tandem axle and dual breaks. I pull it with a 2000 Ford Explorer 4x4 XLT 4.0L SOHC engine and have no problems. Still can kick truck into overdrive to pass (yeah, we Canadians hate to follow)!5. Overall rating:9.5

Regards, Wayne Riley Nitro State Team Member (Canada)
Rob, This is my second year with the a 2000 901 CDX and it has been a great boat so far. Tons of storage, tons of deck space and a good rough water ride. I also went with the 200 EFI and if I had it to do over again, I would go with the Opti. It is not unusual for me to drop $50 dollars on gas alone for each tournament, at that rate it doesn't take long to make up the difference. Last but not least, I paid cash for my boat when I got it as well, it feels great not to have a boat payment and a new boat.
Rob -

Glad you asked that question........

I've got a picture of one in white, blue and gold custom colors hanging over my desk as a motivational piece! Keep tellin' myself, "Next Spring! Next Spring!"

Scott, my pic is on the frig! It shall be mine.....oh YES it SHALL be mine!
Oops..pardon the blank reply above. Concur with all the above..I've had my 2000 901 200EFI for a year now. The only thing I'd check on is what type of prop. I have the Laser II and the hole shots were pretty slow.

If you're interested, I have a 2001 901 that was supposed to go to a state team member that I can sell at a 15% discount from retail pricing...that's a savings of over $3000.00 !!!!!

E-mail me if you want more info....the boat is brand new.

I got my 901 CDX this past Spring. I really love it. I use it on Lake Erie plus inland lakes also. It really handles the waters of Lake Erie quite well. I have the 200 EFI w/ 25P Tempest. I would like to get a 4 blade 23P Trophy. I get to 70+ GPS but the holeshot could be better. I will trade a little top-end for a better holeshot. It has a lot of storage. I'm not real happy with the 67lb Motorguide. It seems a little noisy compared to the MinnKota I had on my last boat, 91 FS180.

Overall, I's rate my boat at 8-9.
Ken, thank you for the offer, but I am very particular about the boat I want. I have even picked out the custom color package. I have waited a long time for this, and when I accomplish the goal I have set to atttain the boat, I am getting EXACTLY what I have alway wanted. PS, for those of you that think $33,000 is a lot, you should see what my wife wants! LOL But she deserves it and more!

Ken -

Like Rob, I have a specific color pattern in mind........ But if I end up not being able to put together enough for a new boat - do you have trad-ins at your store?

Greg -

You should had oughta write for the Nitro Catalog!


Occasionally we have trades or special purchase boats at big discounts....holler at me when you're ready and we'll see what we have at the time.
Spell the most simple words. I mean you think I would

remember how to spell Nit-RRRRR-o when I'm on this forum.

(spell-check, spell-check, spell-check)

Rip Lip,


PS: Did you ever try that Florocarbin line yet?

I tried the fluro but was not impressed. I opted for Sensor. Hard to tie knots, and still had too much memory. Just my personal preference.

Greg -

No, I haven't spooled any up, but I have been using it for years as leader.

I took a good look at the 6# I had and decided that it was just too stiff to use as the main line on the tiny ultra light equipment I use for trout. 2 and 4# mono or fireline seem to work best.

Ken -

I promise - I'll give you a shout!