anybody else besides me get rain all weekend??

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Feb 29, 2000
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this royally sucks the big rained here most of the weekend,including now as i type.i was out when it was good,no rain,hit rain for an hr,then drove the fish out to the deeper water,raised the lake a good 2 ft.where the walleye was before,there not there now,trolled open water,shore line,bounced bottom,changed blades so often i almost forgot what colors i used already.

it has got me so bad here i have the local weather station online here with there doppler radar checking on if its ok to go or not.cant trust the local tv stations.cant even do anything on the boat,to work on it in the garage is tough,low clearance.

now comes the time i wish i had the canopy i was working on last year would have been like a small cuddy on the boat,would be fishing in all the rain all weekend.oh well,hope everyones weekend was good to them!!

oh,cant really complain,the food was goooood!!!!ribs done out on the grill!!and all the usual foods too!!!
Jeff, Out here in New Jersey I had the same weather you did. My trip to the Delaware River
had to be scrapped due to rain also and fast rising waters where we fish. There's not
enough 3 day weekends around so you hate to lose them.
i hear finally got good weather here round 3pm.went to the lake,before i went got new plugs for the 8hp merc,got there,she started 1st pull.set up to troll,stalled,start back up,ran for a few min,stalled again,readjust the carb on the water,runs good 1 walleye,19",and a little rain,fishable rain though.the 1 walleye was all i got,talked to a few on the lake,one guy was there for 8 hrs,no fish.another for 5 hrs,a few small i guess it wasnt a total washout..

all total this weekend,2 walleye,1 keeper,and 4 perch,oh well,could have been worse,could have not been on the lake at all....
Rain? I seem to remember something called rain, but it was so long ago.... Seriously I know how you feel. It's either drought or flood. Makes those perfect days that much more special. The last line says it all, "could have not been on the lake at all". Good luck next time.

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