Any of you Women's basketball fans?

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Doug Patillo

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Mar 21, 2001
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Sorry, this has nothing to do with boats, but board was kind of slow today. Any of you women's basketball fans? Our Lady Bears from SMSU here in Springfield Missouri are in the Final Four! Hopefully Jackie Stiles & company can beat Purdue and then head into the championship game.
i hate to say this but if they make it to the fainl game they will not get pass are lady huskies it is going to be two in a row for us
At 5'6" and 145# - I've ALWAYS been a fan of tall women! OK - short ones, too! Players or cheerleaders! I don't care!

So, Doug..... Do you happen to know Penny Berryman.......

Rick: I agree with you on the final game, but hey it would be nice to see us in the final game...just try to take it easy on us...OK?

Scott: Unfortunately I do not know her personally. I have met her, but that is it. I might be able to come up with a portrait of her for you though.
I hate to admit this, Doug...... But about the only sport I follow of even watch is NASCAR racing!

Thirty years ago I used to do a lot of what is known as "autocrossing"; running cars one at a time through a course that can be anything from pylons set out on a very large parking lot to running a closed-circuit raod course. Fastest guy wins! Events were sponsored by SCCA or other sports car clubs. Had an MGB at the time - and quite proud to say that I won regularly! Always wanted to go full-bore racing but never got around to it.......

But my love for race cars persists to this day! Been to Indianapolis about a dozen times. And when I got old enough to need glasses and realized that the stock cars were easier to see than indy cars......

God bless Dale Earnhart!


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