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Wayne Riley

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Mar 16, 2000
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After a season and a half of dry spells (except for a couple of top ten finishes), I finally managed a FIRST place finish on Saturday August 11th, 2001. Tournament was a part of the Bass Anglers of Ottawa series. Finished with a weight of 12.51 lbs for a four fish limit. Anchoring our catch was a 4.30 lbs largemouth. Only 2 of the 50 competing teams managed to crack the 12 lb mark at the scales. Fished an 8 to 12 foot weed flat all day using plastic worms and also caught a bonus 3.30lb largemouth from under a floating weedmat. Guess it was to be me and my partners day when I managed to catch a fish while eating my lunch (rod in one hand, sandwhich in the other). Tournament was held on Big Rideau Lake.

I also like to play music when I fish and they seemed to prefer "Shaggy" over "Nellie Fertada" (more fish were caught when "Shaggy" was playing).

As a result of this victory, have now qualified for the BAO Championship to be held in early September.

Wayne Riley

Nitro State Team Member (Canada)
Nice going Wayne! I only hope that someday I can post a message like that !
Excellent, Wayne! Two Thumbs Up!

Have you tried "H.M.S. Pinafore" by Gilbert and Sullivan? Doing a sing-along helps - the fish wanna join in by playing "members of the crew"! And their singin' ain't too bad either - but they never seemed to have learned how to dance a jig.

Good job Wayne!! I'll look for you on tv next year!

Rich D
Nice Job! Keep it up and you can give Mac a run for his $$$

Great job Wayne.

Take Mac out with ya....I caught a HUGE dogfish once while he was singing "Strangers in the Night"...LOL
After all the stuff I've added to my boat, now it looks like I need a CD player too!!

I can see it now as they are interviewing the winner of the Classic. "My pattern held up for all three days fishing the shallow grass beds, but Led Zepplin was really the key".
Think if I hire a mariachi band for the big T's it'll help any? Hmmmm ... Does Lay-Z-Boy make a chair that'll fit on the casting deck? Heck, I don't need a house anymore, pipe in some satalite TV and I'm all set.


"...Tried to cram lost years into five or six days...."
I usually prefer a little country, like Aaron Tippin's "Kiss this" as it's the name of my boat. But there is a rap song called "Gettin' jiggy with it" that I play when we go a jiggin. Seems to work. Of course BB King or Sinatra ALWAYS turns the bite on too. Have to be versatile, and not just in tackle!

Thanks for all your replies. My problem now is not only trying to find and pattern fish, but what type of music they will prefer (as if lure selection isn't hard enough). 2 more tournaments this weekend, I think Saturday will be a deep bite (definately Top 40 music fish) and Sunday will be Country. Will let all know next Monday.

Thanks Again,

Wayne Riley