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Jun 30, 2000
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Wife ( Beka) is leaving tomorrow (Tues) at 2pm with my 2 boys for a week at her sister's in MD. I've got to work Tues - Friday am, but at 9:30am Friday I am FREE for 3 days of FISHING. Have a conf. call at 8:30am - 9:30am on Friday with my team and the Tracker will be hooked up to the Odyssey, loaded and primed before 8:30am. Hope to be motoring away from the ramp by 11am! Just have to decide what necessities (food and drink) I need to have loaded. Got the gear ready (including the new lures Dan J set me up with last Friday) and don't know how i'm going to sleep this week.

Told Beka and our folks to reach me via Cell phone those 3 day's 'cause I'm not comming home :) The plan is to fish Lake Lanier's north end for Bass/Stripers on Friday, Allatoona (or as those down here call her the "dead sea") with my neighboor on Saturday, and back to Lanier all day Sunday! Now if I can figure out what to do with the dogs (their indoor mutts) so they don't make a mess of the house while i'm gone (no doggie door). I actually plan to sleep (as little as I can) back home, but also Friday and Sunday hope to get some night fishing in.

This will probably be my last big weekend before I hit Canada Labor day week, so wish me luck! I'm hoping 'storm Barry comes/goes by Friday morning.

Anyone on 'Toona or Lanier this weekend and see the S.S. Daddy come on by and say "hey", hopefully i'll be so tired from reeling the bigg'um in i'll be happy to chat :)


So, Trepster........ Are you trying to tell us that you're psyched?
Scott - I love my wife and kids more than anything in the world, and would do anything for them. But that said, if they are gone for a few days I will miss them dearly!

And i'm an sooooo Psyched!!! With 2 little boys a whole 3 days of uninterupted fishing is nothing short of a miracle!


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