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Rob LaMoy

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Mar 19, 2001
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Hey folks,
Pierre and I have talked and have agreed that a joint effort will make the next rally a drag screaming success. Question #1
Would everyone prefer the rally this fall or next spring?
Question #2
Would you prefer Canada where our dollar will be a little stronger, (the water is TBD) or Lake Champlain?
Question #3
What key features would you like to see out of the rally?
Please let us know so we can make this thing really happen big. I will advertise this event to the local Nitro dealer who has a loyal following, but that I am aware of, none of those owners are on this board. Do a little recruiting. Please keep in mind also that Champlain is BIG! The 6th largest in the country actually, right behind the Great Lakes. It can get very rough too, so any boats smaller than at least 16' should they come will have to stay close to shore in the event of unfavorable weather. Just the truth folks.
#1)With the economy the way it is, Spring maybe better. It will give people more time to plan and save for travel. In the high-tech market (where I am), we are wondering if we'll have jobs next week or not. So my official vote is for Spring, to see if things settle down.

#2)I'm right next door to Champlain in NH. It's a short 4 - 5 hour drive to champlain. I could deffinately bring my boat and would love the opportunity to bring someone from the west out on my boat.

#3)My biggest key feature would be to simply have FUN and meet some of the great guys and gals from the board.

I hope that I would be invited, so my vote would be in the fall, because I work for the state and we do all of our fish planting in the months of March, April, and May. During this time there would be no way for me to go, just my vote. As for location I would prefer Champlain
Hey Rob: I dont know anything about New York or Lake Champlain, but what would be the closest airport? Is LaGuardia Airport anywhere close?
Thanks, DOUG
Jon if we do it in spring it will have to be June since that is when season opens, unless we had a honor system paper tourney.
Doug, the closest airport is Burlington VT. It is an international and has several big lines there. Plus it's only about 5-10 minutes from the lake.
I think we should have it next spring. In the fall, people are usually worried about holidays and such. And again with the economy, hopefully it will be better. I'd like to go to Lake Champlain. Sounds like it offers a lot right there on the lake. I'd just like to be able to meet members on the board and have some FUN!


PS Scott would have to wear his perch covered vest with the treble hooks tho!
Question #4
Would you prefer a partner or individual format?
As much as this is going to hurt (being a Canadian and a State Team Member - how many states does Canada have?), my vote is for Champlain in the fall even though it is going to cost me an arm and a leg (with the current exchange rates). If we had it in the spring in Canada, our season does not open until the last Saturday in June and from then on it's nothing but Tournaments for 2 months solid (thanks to our 2 1/2 month summer)! My vote would be for a draw- your-partner event. This gives for a more non-competitve and fun event. That's my 2 cents worth (would be worth nothing in US funds).
Barb! I am so hurt! What happened to all this talk about "a woman's touch"? You're suppsoed to be sympathetic and nurturing! You're supposed to offer to hold me so that none of those mean, old, nasties can get to me! Kiss me on the head and soothe my wounds! Tell me "There, There..... I won't let them hurt you." I feel so..... So...... So Abandoned! Sniff!

So, Cass and Guys..... If I manage to recover from this devastating blow before the next Rally.......

#1 - Next Spring.
#2 - Champlain.
#3 - An award for "Smallest Fish"!
#4 - Partners.

#1 Where ever it is it needs to be further south ( later or earlier in the year) September/June... both very busy times in the boating business.
#2 As far as either of those sites i was planning for table rock but i guess this wont work,
#3 MORE ENTRIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#4 Partner would be the way to do it... or..... do as we did in 01, Partners 1st day and big bass everyone for themselves on the 2nd.
#1 either one
#2 Champlain
#3 I would like a draw but will we have enough non boaters.

Looking forward for this one
My vote would be for a fall tournament, on Champlain, and either draw or partner.
#1: Spring...more time for planning.
#2: Lake Champlain is fine. I really believe this needs to be rotated around the country or we need regional events.
#3: Fishing, a dinner gathering, award ceremony. Partners with a draw for unmatched pairs.
1. Spring or Fall (if prior to October)

2. Lake Champlain - the only place that I fish, if only I could catch some fish!!!

3. Draw or partner. I fish just for the fun of it.
why not lake ontario?out of the n.y area?great for bass,also a few lakes off of ontario are good for largemouth too.

just a suggestion.if its champlain,i could possibly be there.tournaments are not my specalty,but could be shown how to fish for them by casting!i drift and troll for my fish,sorry kiddies,but i still fish for them in the traditional fashion on occasion too!!!

fall is a good time,read about the lake,there is salmon in it also,so maybe i can kill 2 fish with 1 boat!!!
1. Next year

2. Either Place

3. Draw for partners

Not too sure if I will be able to make it or not. $$$ are very-very tight.. Good old California

Deffinetely next year,....May or late Sept.....Either place and Draw for partners.
I would like fall, on Lake Champlain, and draw for partners. The setting would be breath taking and the fishing grand also..

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