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Rob LaMoy

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Mar 19, 2001
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OK folks, everything is in the works and it is looking like a "hummdinger" of an event so far. I will post more specific details in the events link of this site, so please see that. Again the dates are June 8th & 9th. I would suggest coming up early on Friday. Should some of you like to meet Friday evening to get to know one another I am arranging that we can meet for coronas & lime at the Naked Turtle in downtown Plattsburgh on the shore. The participation fee will have to go up from $10 to $15 to insure a good event. Any funds left over will be used to buy door prizes or extra food. Sure nobody will argue with that. LOL Please keep in mind that the tournament fees are rather low, and so the payout will be accordingly unless we have a huge turnout. The event is not meant to be overly competitive, only to get together and have fun, and enjoy Lake Champlain. If you intend to go PLEASE post so in the events column in any posts regarding the rally. I will post rules there next. Pierre should have accomodation listings on his site soon, and we will also have a paypal acct set up to begin pre-registrations. Looking forward to seeing you all here. Again if you have ANY questions feel free to e-mail me or call my home, (518) 561-2359.


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